Thursday, November 17, 2011

Amos Rusie: The Hoosier Thunderbolt

Honors for the Hoosier Thunderbolt1 in three hastily-hewn haiku2:


One Thunderbolt please.
Don't skimp on the gin, either.
Two dimes for the 'keep3.


The Amos Rusie--
Flail at one, two, three fastballs.
Repeat and again.


Spring training's arrived.
How 'bout a drink or seven?
He's as good as e'er.

Read about Amos Rusie's drinking baseball exploits here.

1 This sounds like a much better name for a train line than the Hoosier State. Mitch Daniels, forget all that government crap and legislative process and so forth. Make this a priority.

2 The plural of haiku is haiku. Also, this hack writer is terrible at creating them.

3 Rusie's grand moniker led to a drink of the same name. While research does not turn up any information on a recipe, it's probably safe to assume it had gin in it.

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